Fixes fixes fexis

This update contains:

- Fixed bug when change resolution (doesn't need restart anymore)


-  Now custom hitsounds are ok

-  Timing point search is more faster (little noticeable in game)

-  Fix beatmap search, special characters are now allowed (fast clean with Escape key)

- F7 to change framerate

- Random picking now runs in search

- Fail-Pause bug is now fixed, rage quit not allowed (?

- Tooltips are now readable, yes, really I swear

- osu! like circle stacking 

- Removed old mode (ubeat)****

**** I consider this mode deprecated in older versions and now is time to say good bye, there are another alternative and is Pulsus

What's next?

I don't really know, now there is a nice project (see my profile) and is more interesting c:

I plan to maintain kyun for a long, but idk what's the future of this project

Thank you for playing kyun!

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Jun 21, 2021

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