Hi, I've a little question:

I'll make HitCircles with movements like this video:

It works with an algorithm like this:

HitObject hits at Millisecond: 1384

1 = dumb (1 second offset)

3 = Y coord (pair up, odd down), and velocity

8 = X coord (pair left, odd right), and velocity

4 = multiple of 4 (Not Zero) activates movement

Note 1: this won't mod the initial score, this will be fair with another scores.

I will put "Fake" HitCircles, with same algorithm with another trigger number.

Are you agree to made this changes to this mode?

Note: this is the final modification for this mode, I won't improve this mode anymore because this isn't the main game mode.

(Sorry for my english, I hope you understand)

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I'm working on this.


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